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Accessorize with Bracelets

May 13, 2009

Holidays are typically the time of year when we dress up more, wear more jewelry. We love the glitter and glitz of our silver and gold necklaces, and earrings.
However, what about our bracelets?
Do we wear them right? Do we wear them with care? Yes, there are tips to even wearing bracelets, nowadays

Opposites’ attract

If you have long slender arms and wrists, accessorize with chunky bracelets and cuffs. They highlight slimmer arms.


 If you have bigger boned arms and wrists then delicate wired styles will slenderize your wrists and arms.


Comfort zone

Will you be going from work straight to an office party? Wear a relaxed style of bracelet, connected with elastic. Clasp closure bracelets can feel restrictive after a few hours, as well as run the risk of snagging on something or someone, consequently falling off and becoming lost.



Are you blue? Blue toned anyways. Do you fret over the veins and the blue tones in your hands? Gold jewelry in rich yellow hues can neutralize any blue. Go bold with gold.


High wattage 

Cluster several similar bracelets together for an eye-catching statement. However, remember this works best if the bracelets are similar in color, style and shape is not as important.



        image014       image016


Try accessorizing with a natural flair. If you are going to a “green” party this year, along with your bamboo socks, adorn a tiger’s eye bracelet. On the other hand, a simple wood cuff will also make a bold yet elegant statement.




If you are going for a symmetrical look, with a bracelet on both wrists, consider a rethink. Bracelets look better and are more pleasing to the eye if worn only on one wrist. Be asymmetrical by dressing up with contrasting patterned bracelets. 




Whatever your style is, there are bracelets out there to match it. There are bracelets out there that will fit you and whatever size wrist you may have.


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